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Property Visits

We never forget that your Algarve property is a valued asset - we are always nearby, we visit and check after bad or unusual weather, our teams do regular routine visits + inspections and then prepare a report of any items needing attention, to you. We tackle small jobs immediately to keep everything running correctly. Portugal Property Services will give you the benefit of 30+ years of professional experience - you can be sure your Algarve home and you investment is in capable hands.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our objective is to offer preventative maintenance for your home so that the opportunity for breakdowns and problems can be minimised. Our in-house teams can tackle most small jobs immediately - for more complex projects we will advise you and quote, so you can plan accordingly. We work together with the very best and most reputable local service providers and supervise them as required. We schedule pre-season checks to main equipment, pools, air conditioning, pumps and other equipment.

Payments and Administration

Although it's easy to pay Electricity and Water bills by direct debit - what happens when consumption figures suddenly rise significantly or errors occur? We check payment requests as they are received, match them to occupancy and determine whether they are correct. We investigate uncharacteristic water or power consumption when required and identify a reason. We supervise pool and garden staff; cleaning teams and contractors and only pay them when they have completed their work - then we send through one easy to understand statement.

Housekeeping Staff

Our housekeeping personnel are all carefully selected local people, their hard work, dedication and experience enables us to offer a high level of service to owners and their guests. Properties are checked and cleaning staff are trained to achieve hotel quality if required. They are supervised by our in house, qualified manager. We provide service to holiday rental properties, tackle laundry and dry cleaning + spring cleaning and major clean-ups after works. No job is too big or too small.


We have some enticing financial packages and offer a wide range of services. If you are buying we can provide a mortgage offer, organise your currency transfers and get insurance quotes. For owners we can make IMI and fiscal payments to the state. We link with accountants and tax specialists, we can provide medical cover, building, contents and liability policies and other specialist cover. We have set up multiple ownership agreements so that two families or friends can share house ownership and we have organised owners finance buying contracts. Our dedicated 'finances' website has additional info and a list of what we can provide.

Building and small works projects

We can advise on and assist with building works large or small - anything from simple re-decoration to an extension or refurbishment project. We can provide any kind of input from supervision and project management to support and assistance. We work with many of the better local builders, we link with architects and engineers, we are able to programme and supervise residential projects of all types from start to finish. We will do site visits, reports and photos for you and become your 'eyes and ears'. We will check quality, ensure progress and release stage payments for you subject to satisfactory progress.

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